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Hello from The Pallet Doctor! Our name, and the beginning of our story.

When we first opened up shop, our designs were made from old pallets that we would track down. Although difficult to find, we loved the character they brought to the table.  My husband, Jordan,  was in charge of tracking down the pallets and bringing them home, and dissembling the pallets, which required cutting through each and every nail that held it together. After some brainstorming, we came up with the name The Pallet Doctor. We felt that since we took old broken, and worn out pallets, and turned them into new creations, that we could call our selves "doctors".  We loved the name, so we ran with it.

Then a couple years ago my husband broke his leg, and when I say he broke his leg, I mean the bones broke completely in half, and he is now a titanium legged superhero. During his recovery, I had ran out of disassembled pallets to work with. Since he was stuck on the couch for a good while, I had to try to disassemble some pallets myself. Armed with the sawzall, I went to work. It is a major understatement when I say it was a complete failure, and my butt was royalty kicked. Hours of hacking away at nails, only to walk away with two hands full of blisters, a face full of tears, and no usable wood. Hubby really was a superhero!

After that, I had to shut down the shop for a short period, while I figured out what the heck I was going to do. I ended up finding some boards at a local home store that looked exactly like pallet wood, already dissembled and read to go! So while I was sad to not be using actual pallets, I was excited for the possibilities, and knowing that the shop can stay open. And you know what? They pretty much look the same, and I don't have blisters!

A name change is not out of the question, and is considered and discussed on a regular basis, but for the time being? We're sticking with "The Pallet Doctor".


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